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Cost To Buy A Star In The Sky

Since the dawn of humanity, mankind has gazed up at the starry night sky with wonder. From ancient people telling stories through constellations to modern times, stars carry a lot of significance for most people. This has led to many people wishing to learn how to name a star after a loved one.

cost to buy a star in the sky

With that in mind, what are you actually purchasing when you buy a star or name a star online? Since the IAU is the only scientific body authorized to name any astronomical bodies, these are really just a novelty gift.

Tip: Involving friends and family in the process of buying a star can be a great way to honor your loved one's memory. With Cake's online memorial pages, you can create a fundraiser where visitors can donate money to go towards buying a star in your loved one's name. You can also use donations for other end-of-life expenses, such as the funeral.

Before you decide to buy or name a star, learn how much each different service costs. There are many different add ons, and they can create a unique gift idea depending on your goals. The more you include, however, the greater the cost.

If the IAU is the only scientific body that names stars, what exactly are you getting when you pay for star naming services through a commercial company? This depends on the provider, but the International Star Registry sets the standard for this practice.

With your star name purchase, you receive a certificate from the commercial company. This is what makes the most memorable gift. Your certificate includes the star name, telescopic coordinates, and a special message from the gift giver.

Most commercial companies allow you to purchase a frame for your certificate. This makes it easier to display your star name and coordinates. Again, this is a great gift idea for someone interested in astronomy or who wants a place within the night sky.

A photo of space is known as astrophotography or astronomical imaging. These are more costly when you purchase a star or star name, but they can be worth it. These images come from super strong telescopes that see far beyond the human eye.

Consider the type of star you want. You need to know that stars come in different types, and you can either decide to go for a standard star, a binary star or one within a constellation, like Ursa Major

Well, guess what? Naming/buying your star suggests preparing proper documentation. The company that sells you the star must provide you with a license that shows you have purchased the star, and that it is registered under your name.

This is the most common approach to buying/naming a star. Here, you will need to visit a recognized website, which will then help you name the star after yourself or someone else. In general, simply naming a standard star will cost roughly $50. When you log in to the website dedicated to selling stars, they will show you the exact position of the star in the sky. Most websites use Google Sky to help you locate the star.

Seeing is always believing. Although your star might be visible in the sky, many companies offer an extra gift to accompany it. You can get a physical gift that has an engraving of the star name on it. If you want to name the star and also have a physical gift, you should expect to pay anywhere above $100. For instance, you might choose to buy a physical star chart representation, a star map, a framed certificate, and other physical gifts.

Our prices range from $19.95 to over $100. Our star registry provides a unique service; all our packages include your star name and special message of dedication that are launched into space on a real mission. What could be more exciting when looking at the cost to buy a star!?

Looking for the perfect last-minute gift? The Instant Gift Set features all the essentials, including downloadable star registration and launch certificates, and a place on board real Name A Star Live spaceflights.

Say "I love you" with the Ultimate Romantic Gift Set. You'll have everything you need to enjoy a night under the stars with your sweetheart when it's delivered gift wrapped to your door by an adorable Star Bear.

Your star name and message will be recorded in the Name A Star Live register and will be launched into space in an archive on board a Name A Star Live mission. Astronomers refer to stars by catalog numbers and astronomical coordinates, and no star-naming service changes such designations

For a limited time, is offering FREE USPS Priority Mail shipping of all products to addresses in the continental United States (US). To get started, just add any Keepsake Gift, Tool to View Your Star, Accessory or an item from our Launch Collection to your cart. The discount will be applied later in the checkout process when you are asked to provide billing and shipping details.

Name a star in constellation Cassiopeia, home of the Heart Nebula (pictured) and receive a FREE, soft and cuddly heart shape pillow for your sweetheart. Available only for Keepsake Gifts valued at $50 or more.

Hand selected bright visible zodiac stars that can be seen even in bright cities, without equipment. All our named stars are associated with constellations/zodiacs and we do not charge extra for this privilege.

Our digital packs come with a selection of luxuriously presentable gift items. If you choose to upgrade to our Print and Ship option, you will receive a high quality physical gift pack by post which includes a personalized, heavy weight gold embossed certificate, photo of your star and presentation folder.

Name a star in The Star Register. Our official public records are the only recognized Star Register. When you name a star with us, we ensure your named star will be recorded and stored forever for all to search and see. Use our web registry to search, or download our app.

When you name a star with us, you're supporting: - The American Astronomical Society. Whose purpose is to enhance and share humanity's scientific understanding of the universe. For each order we receive, we will make a donation in honor of your star name. - A Carbon Neutral World. Each year we offset ALL of our carbon emissions including manufacturing and postage making us a carbon zero company - Sustainability: We use 100% recycled materials sourced from sustainable forests in Europe and North America.

When you buy a star we will assign and file one in The Register based on your criteria, including the name. Then using patented technology, we'll allow anyone to search and view the star in the cosmos.

We take great pride in our quality. When you buy a star with us, you can be assured you are getting the best. We source all our material from sustainable sources, are carbon neutral and make a donation each order.

Indeed, stars are currently available for you to purchase in your name or the name of someone about whom you care deeply. After claiming a star under the name of your choice, that star will live on forever as your star or the star of your loved one. Imagine that. Your star up in the sky among the moon and the planets.

The answer to the titled question is an undeniable yes. You can buy a constellation star in your name or another name of your choice. You can also buy and name a supernova (bright star) or twin stars that would double your stake in the sky.

When you are ready to buy a star, you will only have one official place you can go. Star Register is the original and officially-recognized star registration service on the "planet." Their standing is only enhanced through the registry's partnerships with top organizations like NASA and Harvard Astronomy.

Star Register was founded in 1989 and since that time, the organization has been responsible for the naming and certifying of stars under the names of thousands of people. That includes celebrities whose stars might be hanging in the sky right next to your newly named star.

Star Register determines their pricing based on the type of stars that are available. It's up to you to decide how big of a stake you want to claim in the sky. Here is the price list for current options:

We live in interesting times when people are always looking for something unique, something a little off the beaten path, something that makes a statement. The number one reason you should buy a star is to stake your permanent claim on one little part of the universe in perpetuity.

We live until we cease living. During our lifetimes, we leave very little behind that serves as a memory that we ever existed. When you buy a star and name it under your name or the name of a loved one, it ensures someone's place in this universe will last a million lifetimes.

Imagine for a moment that you are strolling on the beach on a moonlit evening when the stars feel so big and close that you feel like you could reach out and touch them. What you know in your heart and mind is that somewhere in that big universe is a star that bears the name of someone or something that is special to you.

Indeed, Star Register has developed a very special way for people to say something to others in a way that is hard to imagine. Star register has kept the star-naming process easy to complete at a price that most anyone should be able to afford.

Name a star with Star Registration, the leading star-naming provider in over 30 countries. With over 10.000 positive 5-star reviews, we are also the most rated company for star registrations!When you buy a star with us, you're not just getting a beautiful gift set, you're also getting digital access to our exclusive star finder app. Create an unforgettable experience for yourself or your loved one.

At our star naming service, we take great care in selecting stars that are visible from your continent year-round. To ensure that, we'll ask for your location during the naming process. Our proprietary algorithm then ensures that you will get a visible star!

We are proud to be the exclusive partner of, the premier registry for naming stars. When you purchase a star with us, it will be registered on their platform, and you can access it anytime using their dedicated iOS and Android App. 041b061a72

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