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Groupe de Petits fruits

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Easton Jones
Easton Jones

On CMSX, we have made a project available as a zip file named It contains a class A1 in the file, with has several methods to be completed in accordance with their specs and the instructions given here. In addition, there is a class A1Test that implements a test harness for the class A1. You can run this class to test the method implementations. You are also expected to add a few tests of your own.

I recommend selectingthree books from ProjectGutenberg for your test data. For the more ambitious and possibly better results, use as many books from an author as available to build the author model rather than just one book. Please zip together your commentedsource code, sample run(s), and a brief REAME.txt into andupload to the Laulima assignment 1 submission. 041b061a72

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