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Gerber Accumark Ver (Pro)

Gerber Accumark is a software suite for the fashion and apparel industry that provides solutions for pattern design, grading, marker making, production planning, 3D visualization, and more. The latest version of Gerber Accumark, Ver (Pro), was released in 2022 and offers several new features and enhancements to improve the efficiency and quality of the design process.

What's New in Gerber Accumark Ver (Pro)?

Some of the new features and enhancements in Gerber Accumark Ver (Pro) are:


  • AccuPlan: This new module leverages existing marker libraries and databases to generate cost-effective spread and cut plans that can save time, labor, and material costs. AccuPlan can also integrate with YuniquePLM to streamline the workflow and data exchange between design and production teams.

  • AccuMark 3D: This optional module allows users to visualize their patterns in 3D with the click of a button, enabling them to make design decisions quickly without the need for physical samples. AccuMark 3D can also import and export files in various formats, such as DXF, OBJ, FBX, and STL, to facilitate collaboration with other software tools.

  • AccuMark Made-to-Measure: This module provides a solution for tailors and manufacturers of custom clothing that uses true automation from pattern modification to order creation. AccuMark Made-to-Measure can also generate personalized labels and reports for each garment order.

  • User Licensing: With the new user licensing option, dongles or USB keys are no longer needed to access the software. Users can log in to the software with their email address and password, which grants them access to their assigned products and versions. User licensing also simplifies the installation and update process of the software.

How to Download Gerber Accumark Ver (Pro)?

To download Gerber Accumark Ver (Pro), users need to register on the [Gerber Technology website] and log in to their account. Then, they can click on the Downloads tab and select the software product and version they want to download. After the download is complete, they can run the installation file as an administrator and follow the steps to install the software and any necessary components. Finally, they can launch the desired application from AccuMark Explorer, Pattern Design, or Easy Marking, and log in with their email address and password.


Gerber Accumark Ver (Pro) is a powerful software suite that offers a range of solutions for the fashion and apparel industry. It helps users design, develop, and produce high-quality garments faster and more efficiently than ever before. With its new features and enhancements, such as AccuPlan, AccuMark 3D, AccuMark Made-to-Measure, and user licensing, Gerber Accumark Ver (Pro) is a must-have tool for any fashion professional.

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