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Easton Jones
Easton Jones

Save The Beautiful Earth!! Hd Full Movie Download

34. It may well disturb us to learn of the extinction of mammals or birds, since they are more visible. But the good functioning of ecosystems also requires fungi, algae, worms, insects, reptiles and an innumerable variety of microorganisms. Some less numerous species, although generally unseen, nonetheless play a critical role in maintaining the equilibrium of a particular place. Human beings must intervene when a geosystem reaches a critical state. But nowadays, such intervention in nature has become more and more frequent. As a consequence, serious problems arise, leading to further interventions; human activity becomes ubiquitous, with all the risks which this entails. Often a vicious circle results, as human intervention to resolve a problem further aggravates the situation. For example, many birds and insects which disappear due to synthetic agrotoxins are helpful for agriculture: their disappearance will have to be compensated for by yet other techniques which may well prove harmful. We must be grateful for the praiseworthy efforts being made by scientists and engineers dedicated to finding solutions to man-made problems. But a sober look at our world shows that the degree of human intervention, often in the service of business interests and consumerism, is actually making our earth less rich and beautiful, ever more limited and grey, even as technological advances and consumer goods continue to abound limitlessly. We seem to think that we can substitute an irreplaceable and irretrievable beauty with something which we have created ourselves.

Save The Beautiful Earth!! Hd Full Movie Download

53. These situations have caused sister earth, along with all the abandoned of our world, to cry out, pleading that we take another course. Never have we so hurt and mistreated our common home as we have in the last two hundred years. Yet we are called to be instruments of God our Father, so that our planet might be what he desired when he created it and correspond with his plan for peace, beauty and fullness. The problem is that we still lack the culture needed to confront this crisis. We lack leadership capable of striking out on new paths and meeting the needs of the present with concern for all and without prejudice towards coming generations. The establishment of a legal framework which can set clear boundaries and ensure the protection of ecosystems has become indispensable; otherwise, the new power structures based on the techno-economic paradigm may overwhelm not only our politics but also freedom and justice.

212. We must not think that these efforts are not going to change the world. They benefit society, often unbeknown to us, for they call forth a goodness which, albeit unseen, inevitably tends to spread. Furthermore, such actions can restore our sense of self-esteem; they can enable us to live more fully and to feel that life on earth is worthwhile.

Imagine an ecological wonderland with seemingly otherworldly plant and animal life that exists in no other place on earth. Charles Darwin described this beautiful and inspiring place as a little world within itself. Today, we set sail to what early sailors called The Enchanted Islands. OK, I won't keep you guessing. We are headed to the Galapagos.

Now, you write about the Galapagos beautifully in an article in Westways and the AAA Explorer magazines. Could you tell us about what you saw when you first stepped off the boat onto one of the islands? Paint a picture for us, or maybe through that giant window in your cabin?

Well, the first great moment was we have these zodiac boats that transport you from the main ship to the shore. We got onto the shore, and there's just this beautiful, pristine environment spreading out in front of you. One of the really important things to know about the Galapagos is that human interaction there is really carefully monitored and controlled, so whenever you're on an island, you're with a naturalist, a certified government naturalist. There are certain prescribed trails that you have to stay on, which is perfect because you don't want to harm and disturb the wildlife, which is one of the reasons why you have that wonderful interaction with them.

It is, and your words beautifully describe it and really paint a picture for all of us besides the wonderfully presented beautiful pictures there. We so appreciate you, Don. Thank you again for being with us, and thank you to our listeners for being with us.

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