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Dragon Ball Kai [Sub Espanol] ##TOP##


Dragon Ball Kai [Sub Espanol] ##TOP##

Sinopsis: Es una remasterización de dragon ball z la cual constara de 97 capítulos + 1 especial, resumiendo la historia y eliminando el relleno haciendo un enfoque en lo mas importante de la historia este nuevo proyecto se dio a conocer en el TAF 2009 (Tokyo International Anime fair 2009). La serie siguió a cargo de Toei Animation. La serie finaliza luego de la saga de Cell.

This revamped show aims to draw a new generation of fans into the fold that originally started with Dragon Ball, one of the world's most popular manga series of all time. Although the modern version streamlines the extremely complicated plot of Dragon Ball Z, it will still take viewers a handful of episodes to fully grasp the story. The constant turnover of characters and story development make it tough to pop in on an episode here and there (which is probably the show's intent, after all).Parents should give this series a hard look before handing their tweens over to it since the content is so rooted in violence. Physical clashes between good and evil constitute a good portion of every episode, and it's the only way the characters are able to resolve their differences. While most of the violence is fantasy-based (laser-shooting fingers and conjuring energy balls, for instance), many characters are injured, tortured, or die in the process, so it's important to assess your own tween's ability to handle this kind of content. 1e1e36bf2d

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