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Chick Corea: A Work In Progress - Chapter 28: The Art Of Improvisation

Chick Corea: A Work in Progress - Chapter 28: The Art of Improvisation

Chick Corea is one of the most influential and innovative jazz pianists and composers of our time. He has been exploring and expanding the boundaries of music for over six decades, creating a rich and diverse musical legacy. In his book, A Work in Progress, Chick Corea shares his insights and advice on being a musician, covering topics such as creativity, practice, performance, composition, collaboration, and more.

Chick Corea: A Work in Progress - Chapter 28: The Art of Improvisation

In chapter 28 of his book, Chick Corea discusses the art of improvisation, which he defines as the act of creating something new in the moment. He explains that improvisation is not only a skill that can be learned and improved, but also a state of mind that can be cultivated and applied to any aspect of life. He offers some practical tips and exercises on how to develop ones improvisational abilities, such as:

  • Listening to and learning from other improvisers, both in music and other fields.

  • Practicing improvisation regularly, both alone and with others.

  • Using different sources of inspiration, such as melodies, rhythms, chords, words, images, emotions, etc.

  • Experimenting with different styles, genres, modes, scales, techniques, etc.

  • Being open to new ideas and possibilities, and accepting mistakes as opportunities for learning.

  • Having fun and enjoying the process of discovery and expression.

Chick Corea also emphasizes the importance of communication and interaction in improvisation. He says that improvisation is not only a personal activity, but also a social one. He encourages musicians to listen to and respond to each other, to create a dialogue and a story with their music. He also suggests that improvisers should be aware of their audience and their environment, and adapt their music accordingly. He says that improvisation is a way of connecting with others and sharing ones unique voice.

A Work in Progress by Chick Corea is a valuable resource for any musician who wants to learn from one of the masters of jazz. The book is available in PDF format from Chick Coreas official website, or from Scribd. You can also watch Chick Coreas online music workshops where he demonstrates and teaches various aspects of his musical approach. 04f6b60f66

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