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Calluna Sans Font Family.rar !!TOP!!

Step into the future with Jura, a modernized sans-serif font family. Inspired by Eurostile, Jura is an excellent font for projects related to technology and innovation. It works well in web body copy, as well as different displays. It offers four weights (light, book, medium, and demi-bold) and multilingual support.

Calluna Sans Font Family.rar

Himalaya Set Type is a beautiful font duo (script and sans-serif) for your next project, perfect for adventurers and dreamers alike. The hand-drawn characters have a rough edge, perfect for posters, stationery, product design, and more. You can make it your own by using stylistic alternates and glyphs.

Coming with 600+ characters and in seven styles (light, extra-light, regular, medium, semi-bold, bold, and extra-bold), JUST Sans is a highly legible and beautiful modern geometric sans-serif font that would be perfect for use on any project. It also includes a bonus variable font.

Bebas Neue is a wonderfully versatile sans-serif font family. With five weights (thin, light, book, regular, and bold) that take cues from the original Bebas Neue font family, this new version works even better for print and web. With multilingual support and the lightness of presentation, Bebas Neue works perfectly!

Originally designed as an all-caps sans-serif typeface, Mohave has now transformed into a versatile font family. It currently offers four weights (light, regular, medium, and bold) with matching italics. The neutral character body shapes make the Mohave typeface perfect for a variety of branding materials, as well as web displays.

Elegant (with a dramatic twist), Canter is a phenomenal sans-serif typeface choice for your next project. Bold lines and sharp turns work together to provide you with an outstanding font family. Canter offers six display types (including Canter 3D, shadow, and outline) perfect for headlines, posters, and other branding materials.

Clean and structured, Pier is the perfect sans-serif typeface for modern brands. This geometric font comes with beautifully designed uppercase and lowercase characters, punctuation, multilingual support through special characters, and numerals. You can experiment with six different weights (with matching italics variants) to create something truly beautiful.

Different yet similar, Big John and Slim Joe are two sides of the same coin. Big John is a bold and beautiful version, while Slim Joe is thin and modern. Both fonts in the duo are all-caps sans serifs, and they play off of each other beautifully to emphasize contrasts.

Originally designed as a thin font, Raleway has become a standard go-to font and expanded into a sans-serif font family. It currently offers nine weights with italics and a variable version. Stylistic alternates and discretionary ligatures make Raleway an incredibly elegant choice for the web.

Droid Sans Mono is a font family made for Android, which tells you a lot about its open-source aesthetic. It mimics the look of typewriters while retaining a unique feeling. Droid Sans Mono feels like a serif but retains the sans-serif legibility thanks to its sharp corners and bold lines. 350c69d7ab

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