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Nexus English Expression Dictionary Mp3 60 [Extra Quality]


Nexus English Expression Dictionary Mp3 60 [Extra Quality]

Moreover, the linguistic and social conditions in developing societies (and elsewhere) differ in ways that are significant to that of linguistic learners. Wilbur reported that within a year or so of arrival, nearly everyone in Haiti learns to understand and use French better than English (1925, 148). Although he doesnt specify what this means, I believe I understand what he means: Haitian Creole is very similar to French; they both have French origins and grammatical structure. The Haitian community, however, probably used Creole before French was brought to their region and, being its own language, Creole is not as influenced by French.

In a similar vein, the relative popularity of English as an international language may actually result in English learners receiving insufficient exposure to one of their other languages. This can mean that the learnings in the related languages do not occur simultaneously. In the words of Kalyia, a member of the Norwegian Berber Community, we are immersed in English for the first years of our lives and this means that we are not immersed in Norwegian at all (Palmer 2003, 251). This is a problem, because there are many benefits to learning more than one language, including increased knowledge of your surroundings, greater ability to self-identify and, most importantly, greater ability to communicate with your peers. Christians can even be on the receiving end of this shortcoming, since the gospel is not transmitted in any of the local languages.

Finally, given that the spread of the Christian faith is often carried by missionaries, it should be of concern that those who are expected to carry this message are linguistically handicapped. Wilbur saw this as one of the chief problems of the missions: the language of the Bible was not native English; it was Greek (1925, 1411. It was significant that the 2010 English edition of the New Testament rendered the Greek of Acts in English. 3d9ccd7d82

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