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Buy Vintage Maps

Our vintage map collection includes over 3,000 digitally restored prints of old maps. The map collection includes vintage maps of thousands of towns, counties, states and countries. Within our store, you will find several different collections of old map prints. You can access them through links in our main menu, or you can follow the links below to access our individual vintage map collections.

buy vintage maps

In addition to our products being categorized into the above listed collections, you can also find all of our United States maps organized into categories by state. You can click the links below to view the state-specific collections of vintage maps.

We offer a worldwide selection of antique maps, charts, and prints with a special focus on the Northeast including many town maps for New England and New York. We have a fantastic selection of Cape Cod maps including Cape Cod town maps.

If you're a map fan, you need to check this place out. Large selection of whatever maps you may be searching for - from a Cape Cod map as eye candy for your cottage/beach house to rare, old, authentic maps of faraway lands - Maps of Antiquity has it all!The owner is an expert in costal ecosystems in Cape Cod, and also has a keen eye for excellent maps. We bought a couple of late 1800's maps of the Maghreb last year, and while we didn't purchase them, there were some excellent specimens from the Persian Gulf dating back to the early 19th century on our last visit. If you know maps, you'll know that these are indeed rare finds.Prices are fair, authenticity is guaranteed, and service is phenomenal. Set your navigation app & ogle some real maps!

Never visited in person but this store is an online-shopping paradise. (I hope to visit someday.) Endless inventory of fascinating historic maps, prints, charts, you name it. Irresistible for those of us who know what a unique, thoughtful gift these items make. Most affordable antiques you can find! Service is extraordinary, everything carefully packaged and delivered super fast. Warning: browsing is addictive. Set aside plenty of time.

As professional antique map and print dealers, we get a lot of questions about maps on a weekly basis. Some are quite unusual, other are very common. In this blog post, Sammy Berk of New World Cartographic lists and answers the ten most commonly asked questions he has received over the 10+ years he has been active in the business.

Have a read and you may find you question or a good one you haven't though of answered below. If you still have a question regarding antique maps, prints, globes, atlases, or this history of cartography, just contact us and we'd be happy to get back to you in a timely manner.

Answer: As long as you keep the map in a room that stays at a reasonable temperature and is not too humid or dry, you will be fine. Consider owning a humidifier for rooms in cold locations that run the heat all winter long. The same goes for owning a dehumidifier in locations that are hot and humid. In short, what is comfortable for you is usually comfortable for your maps. Also, while many people choose to frame their maps, others take an alternative approach by preserving their old maps in mylar or archival sleeves and storing them in a flat file cabinet or any table with a large drawer. The benefits of archival sleeves include the ability to store many maps in a small space and the ability to research and explore your map more easily with a magnifying glass on a desk or table as opposed to standing on a ladder with your nose pressed up to the glass of a framed map above a fireplace (true story for a long time collector / customer).

Answer: Most kids love maps and there are a number of great options for kids. Many kids are good visual learners, so pictorial maps that use imagery to convey information is a great option for starting kids on maps. Taking from experience with my kids, I think ages 4 - 6 is the earliest time to consider buying them their own map.

Of course, we do not want their maps to get damaged, so consider storing them in a sealed mylar sleeve and using the map as an opportunity to teaching them about caring for something old, special, and fragile. You can also securely mount a framed map on the wall with plexiglass as opposed to traditional glass. If you are still worried about your kids destroying a historic map, consider buying a fine print reproduction. There are a number of great options provided by our sister company the Vintage Map Shop, Inc.

Answer: There are a few options for selling antique maps. You may sell outright to a maps dealer, or you may consign you maps to a dealer or auction house. Selling directly to a dealer will typically get our less money, but an immediate payout. Selling through a dealer by way of consignment will typically get you the larges payout, but it may take a long time, in some instances several years. Consigning your maps to an auction house will take some time, and you will know the exact date of the auction, but the results and you ultimate payout is somewhat of an unknown. The hammer price can be low or high, but usually never higher than if the item was sold through a dealer.

If you have any maps, globes, prints, posters, or books that you are looking to sell, feel free to contact us via email at or by phone at (312) 496 - 3622. We are more than happy to help you decide on the best option for selling your map(s).

Two or more historical topographic maps with the same date typically result from revisions and reprints. The differences are often minor. The date used to identify a map is in the lower right corner. If there are multiple editions with the same compilation date, look for additional dates in the lower right portion of the map collar that might differentiate them: Date on Map -- The year of base...

The goals of the Historical Topographic Map Collection (HTMC) project are to find, catalog, and georeference all USGS topographic quadrangle maps published prior to 2007. The overall purpose is to preserve the map archive for scientists, historians, and the public. Library copies of maps (many of which have library stamps) were therefore scanned "as is". Map restoration is not part of the current...

Almost all historical topographic maps and all US Topo maps produced before June of 2017 were georeferenced using software from the company TerraGo. Those maps are all GeoMark enabled. GeoMark is TerraGo's geospatial data extension to PDF markup. GeoMark allows notes and geometric objects (lines, polygons, etc.) to be added to a GeoPDF and allows these objects to be exported to GIS files. Users of... 041b061a72

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