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Easton Jones

Sons Of The Forest.rar

You have the right to terminate the contract without giving reasons, within 14 days. The withdrawal period expires after 14 days from the day you or a third party, other than the designated carrier and you, acquires the physical possession of the goods.

Sons Of The Forest.rar

The events Rar witnessed during the war imbued her personality with a savage edge. Although alarmed by Jaina Solo's use of Force lightning during the Mission to Myrkr, Rar was greatly impressed by Lomi Plo's lethal Force web technique on the Baanu Rass and enjoyed the killing in which she took part later during the mission,[1] as well as during the Borleias campaign.[18] The Twi'lek became a ferocious fighter.[7] Once she had fallen under the influence of the Gorog nest, Rar's enjoyment of killing and savagery in battle were magnified.[8] The lives of those whom she fought alongside became meaningless to Rar.[8][25] Her anger and bitterness fostered a desire to "teach lessons" to her opponents and eventually led her to target individuals who had caused her slight offense or who were entirely innocent.[3][8][9] Vengeance motivated Rar to survive and, molded by a personal philosophy of the Twi'lek's own construction, became a focal point of her existence.[3][10]

The fallen Jedi's other signature weapon, following her two years in the Tenupian jungle, was her blowgun and poison darts.[3] Rar obtained many of her toxins from her time on Tenupe, most notably a small amount of Tenupian flesh-eating bacteria, which she gave to the Togorian Morto as a "salve" for the poison-induced pain she had inflicted upon his leg.[9] She utilized powerful poisons to eliminate her enemy, one dart containing enough to eliminate the World Brain on Coruscant and assumed by her to be fatal to an extremely powerful Jedi such as Jacen Solo. The poison rapidly eliminated any beings unfortunate enough to be hit by the darts.[3][28]

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