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Nemesis Hub Cracked [HOT]

He reveals that they had a battle with the Black Moon a few centuries ago. Crystal Tokyo was at peace, until an insane ruler named Phantom appeared, bringing crime and murder along with him. He had the same upside-down crescent moon symbol used by the Black Moon clan on his forehead. He was captured, and the Queen banished him to Nemesis, blocking the planet off. It was then that rebels by the name of Black Moon appeared. Looking at the cracked Moon Rod in his hand, Tuxedo Mask vows to save Usagi at any cost.

Nemesis Hub Cracked

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Carbon rims, which once cracked if stared at too long, have seen rapid advances in resin and fiber technology in recent years. The new technology has allowed the rims to take dramatic, bone-shaking, carbon-on-granite impacts in stride. In fact, most high-end carbon wheels now have impact strengths so high that the force required to cause a failure would do similarly catastrophic damage to an aluminum wheel. The reasons to stick with the old Nemesis, then, are sadly all but gone.

X has risen and adapted to this new threat as well. He can now unleash his mysterious Unlimited Potential, a new hyper mode for unarmored X, to combat his nemesis. X also gets a few other powerful new options in this update, such as an optional X6-esque Beam Saber that can be used as unarmored X only, as well as the long-requested Ultimate Armor!

On the Transformers' homeworld, Primus spoke directly to his children and informed them that they would play a part in the final battle against his eternal nemesis, Unicron. As Armageddon loomed, Scorponok confessed his fears of dying to Optimus Prime, who reassured him that there was no shame in it. Scorponok vowed that he would be proud to go down fighting alongside Optimus... which he nearly did, when the two came under attack from a group of Unicron cultists. Though Scorponok considered leaving Prime to die, his Decepticon honor convinced him to rescue his foe from certain death; despite his ferocity, Scorponok spared one of the cultists at Optimus Prime's behest. The Void!

Spinister, Galvatron, and Scorponok were sent by Megatron to rob the Autobot City Bank. In heavy disguise, they went in and got the drop on the bank tellers, only for Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Wheeljack to turn up. The Decepticons called in Devastator, who ripped the roof off the bank and disposed of the three Autobots. Scorponok subsequently cracked open the safe and passed the energon inside to Spinister for delivery to Megatron. Quest for Energon, Part 1 Scorponok and Barricade carried the completed weapon over to Hightower to be set up. When Wheeljack and Cliffjumper invaded the work site, Scorponok helped in their capture, only to be pelted with molten cheese when they turned out to be a diversion. He and the other Decepticons were subsequently strung up in a net. Quest for Energon, Part 2 041b061a72

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