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Julian Peterson [file Archive] !!BETTER!!

This resource contains multiple documents for download. The Download link above will download a bundle of all documents as a zip archive file. To view a list of all documents click on the Supporting Docs tab. [file archive]

A permanent URL is not necessarily a good thing. There are security implications, and obsolete short URLs remain in existence and may be circulated long after they cease to point to a relevant or even extant destination. Sometimes a short URL is useful simply to give someone over a telephone conversation for a one-off access or file download, and no longer needed within a couple of minutes.

Most importantly, though, a PDF looks the same no matter where you view it. This is what makes a PDF superior to a DOC when it comes to sharing and uploading. DOC files are easier to edit, but PDFs will stay uniform no matter where they show up.

A PDF file can have an infinite number of pages and be tens of megabytes in size. This can pose problems when it comes to uploading that file. Depending on how big it is, you might not even be able to email it.

Shrinking or compressing the PDF could solve this problem. Many PDFs are much heavier than they need to be when it comes to hard drive space. By running a heavy PDF through a compression tool, you could not only save space but also make it possible to upload or email that file.

Looking for the awesome Twitter Archive Eraser? It has a new home now, download it from: (previous url -Archive-Eraser/) Old post:Until very recently, there was no obvious way to access your old tweets. In fact, Twitter imposes a limit of 3200 tweets (the more recent ones that is) that an application can access. This means also that you cannot delete your old tweets. Several tools exist to help you delete your old tweets but, according to my experiments, most of them do not work properly due to Twitter API's limitations.Last week however, Twitter enabled the option for users to download their whole archive of tweets, which contains among other things the IDs of all the tweets of a user, the exact piece of information that can be used to wipe out any tweet.I have developed a simple application called "Twitter Archive Eraser" that helps you delete the oldest tweets from your timeline, or wipe out the whole archive too if you would like so.The application is the simplest possible, it works in 3 steps: authenticate Twitter, select which tweets you want to delete, wipe them out.Step 1In this step, you give access to Twitter Archive Eraser to your twitter account so that it can delete the tweets you select. This works by providing a Pin number that twitter provides after authentication.Step 2After you download your twitter archive (from ) and extract it (to C:\Twitter_archive for example), you choose which tweets from your archive to delete. The tweets in the Twitter archive are grouped by month, ie. all the tweets of a month are stored in the same file.These files are found in [your Twitter archive path]\data\js\tweets.For instance, to delete the tweets from September 2009 you choose the file 2009_09.js.Step 3Once you have selected the correct files, you are now presented with all the tweets contained in these files. By default, all the tweets are marked for deletion, if you want to keep any specific tweets, you uncheck them as shown in the following picture. One you hit "erase selected tweets" button, there is no going back (unless you force the app to exit!).You can find the code of the application on github: -Archive-Eraser. All the Twitter logic is done using the excellent LinqToTwitter library.Requirements:.NET Framework 4.0.Download from: (previous url -Archive-Eraser/)

In terms of tools, there are some great sites that handle URL shortening, including full analytics and archives of everything you shorten. For these services (and for URL shortening in general), your URL is replaced by a new domain (e.g., changes to, and the permalink is replaced by a string of numbers and/or letters (e.g., changes to

In the vast majority of cases, the solution is to properly reinstall isdone.dll on your PC, to the Windows system folder. Alternatively, some programs, notably PC games, require that the DLL file is placed in the game/application installation folder.

I am having this problem with the California EDD UI Online Unemployment site... I can not file a new claim or get into my account. I've deleted cache, looked at the certificate, tried to make an exception for the website, and nothing is working. is the site and "Secure Connection Failed

And with half of your visitors likely using a mobile device, delivering optimal image file formats & sizes is critical. Otherwise, your hard-earned traffic decreases, and your Google rankings eventually drop too.

Lowering file sizes while maintaining acceptable quality is the primary goal of optimizing images for website performance. Smaller files lead to faster page loads and improved user-experience & SEO.

This is not a scenario where we need to double the image dimensions for retina screens, because that would create huge 5000px images (with large file sizes as well, not to mention the risks of image theft).

Restricting the image dimensions like this will keep the file size reasonably small, resulting in a faster image loads (if the slideshow allows navigating between images using side arrows, bullets, swiping on mobile or keyboard arrows on desktop):

Only when you start to go lower than 50-60%, do you start getting visible artifacts due to the high file compression. But between 100 and 70-80, the quality difference is unnoticeable, while the difference in image file size is enormous.

Instead of using JPG, any graphics that contain areas of solid color (created by you in Photoshop or other tools online) could be better saved in other lossless file formats (with absolutely no perceived visual differences). PNG, SVG, and GIF formats can work well in such cases.

You have to test this out yourself, on a per-image basis. Always try to use lossless file formats (like PNG or GIF) when you can get smaller file sizes. But like I said, this only holds true for graphics with solid colors. Whenever you try this same experiment with a regular photo (taken with your camera), JPG usually wins (by a lot).

But even when going for a lossless compression type, where the results are pixel-identical to your original images, these tools can reduce file sizes as much as possible, along with many other useful features that help make your website faster.

There are several tutorials online, claiming to unlock zip passwords instantly using a tool called Nullsoft Scriptable Install System aka NSIS. But whether the claims are true or not is totally a different thing. So here is the truth, NSIS cannot be used to unlock encrypted zip files.

Exactly! NSIS is not a password cracker as Philipp points out, but instead, it is used to build installers. NSIS contains a zip to exe builder tool, so you can create a self-extracting zip file using this technique. As demonstrated in other tutorials, the encrypted zip file is converted to exe using this method. When the executable file is run, it always extracts the files from the protected zip except for one thing. The extracted files are always zero KiloBytes! The latest versions of NSIS prevents importing encrypted zip files altogether.

fcrackzip is a command-line utility for cracking password-protected zip files. It supports both dictionary attack and brute-force attack plus a number of options to customise. fcrackzip can be executed by running fcrackzip [options] file

The time taken to recover your lost zip file password is directly or perhaps exponentially proportional to the length and complexity of the password. Try to approximate the time required to brute-force a password of given length and character set.

You can disable revisions from your site altogether. All you need to do is add the following code to your wp-config.php file. As before, ensure that you add this snippet above the line where ABSPATH is defined.

Finding the right scanned model to work with when considering file formats, model completeness, licensing and attribution, and other factors can sometimes make 3D printing a scanned model tricky. Check out our tutorial to help you navigate these considerations.

And I'm not gonna add 10 dollars a month to my monthly bills when I'm already paying for stuff like my phone, Hulu, and Netflix, YouTube red, RT first All of those are things that give me infinitely more value and all have way more content because they are much larger then uncut reactions OF 1 CHANNEL THAT I WON'T WATCH A MAJORITY OF THE VIDEOS. well seeing as masks dont have airtight seals they dont do anything so anyone smart enough to built a time machine would know that and wouldnt be worried about no silly masks. Facebook Patreon New Reward Tier ANNOUNCEMENT!! Reactions are not on par with that. PREV. The mission is cool. Also I don't understand why they react to seemingly 20 different things every week. To answer the rest of the question above, FB and YT have nothing on Patreon. A** Class Unisex Heavy Blend Crewneck Sweatshirt, Blind Wave Clone Trooper Helmet - (Clone Wars), Cooking with Blind Wave - (Breaking Bad). It's like a proper TV show. If Patreon doesn't change I won't be here much longer. The big reactions are what I enjoy keeping into the videos. and Ill be back! They've started intentionally cutting some of the most important moments from the episodes of shows they react to. For any questions regarding your order please email us with your name &, order # along with any necessary details at: [email protected] Is it worth it and what else does it consist of other than reacts? We can only do it with your help! I hope the error can be fixed and the video gets reuploaded. Lol. Watch "Jojos 4x15 Cutdown Clear" on Streamable. Today was a sad day in the BlindWave community. Thanks! They used to be genuine nowadays it is all about greed and sucking as much money out of their patreons as possible. Cookie Notice I can't speak for the other editors but I know for certain that I definitely do not do that. - "Early Access (Patreon) 1 & 2 Weeks Ahead" So, this might be slightly confusing, but it's similar to Blind Wave's content style, it's the ability to watch 1-2 weeks ahead of the other tiers. Rttv - blind wave - the normies - yaboyroshi - double dragon - struckbybelz - imon snow Download Hidden Patreon. CLEAR. A rooster teeth first membership is 30 bucks a year. Blind Wave is an online social entertainment group of filmmakers and content creators based in Marrietta, Ohio. I like working here for now. Accenture Hamilton REACTION!! Patreon. Blind Wave. I could pay for Hulu with that money or Netflix or anything along those lines. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Support Blind Wave on Patreon! phillip (hugh grant) is blancs husband! Tweets by BlindWaveCrew. XD However, as this will require significant effort to kickstart as I record several episodes . Preview channel. Please note in order to ensure the best quality products we use a production service that utilizes multiple vendors that your order may ship from. Recent Posts. PayPal Its great for the full length, but for the most part you're getting the same content because after you catch up with how far ahead patreon is, you're on the same page of week-to-week reactions so not much difference there. Become a patron. Editing down just means that your less likely to see the part you want yo see and it means you can't find the part you want to see easily. Here you can feel free to post their videos, related videos and news regarding Blind Wave and have an open discussion related to any of these topics. A person can skip to whatever parts they want to see with ease. We have been creating content for nearly 5 years. 8 337 subscribers. They're starting to stink of greed. Join now. Only 5$ Minimum Payout, Highest Payout Rates, Easy to use Member Panel and 20% Referral Bonus as well. Locked. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. This perk is good for Netflix shows and when a new poll show is released. When this question was asked a year ago, Patreon was not doing so well. Thanks to the generosity of their fans through Patreon, Blind Wave's five members are currently able to run the channel full-time, and to contract a group of editors, providing multiple videos daily. The free reactions on the channel show the most interesting/funny parts so whats the problem? Do you think the group would like Food Wars? I like reaction channels because it gives me a chance to see people react to things none of my friends would want to watch with me. 341.mp4 from According to Lucky on Vimeo. This is for those of you that missed the podcast today. This perk is good for Netflix shows and when a new poll show is released. The whole retail thing is abandonwear at best. This is "Invincible - 1x4 Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out - Uncut" by The Normies on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Patreon was the original one to create the ads-free payments to creators. Kinda like the phone they tried to push and that bombed despite them having a captive audience in SE Asia. Go to company page Netflix. The content includes reactions, reviews, live streams, table top gaming, and more. eric has been really on point with figuring out mlm with small hints, what with clayface and his boyfriend in BTAS and here as well. Continue reading. I will be travelling and won't always have internet so I wanted to download some reactions to watch. Just found this via Google, because I was kind of put off by their editing in recent reactions. I understand they have to cut down the videos for youtube reasons. Google, Go to company page If so, that's pretty fucking terrible. Do you think the group would like Food Wars? If you're referring to their full length reactions, you can go to and browse the full length library on there. Rttv - blind wave - the normies - yaboyroshi - double dragon - struckbybelz - imon snow . Watch "OP Episode 720-725 Reaction" on Streamable. both daniel craig and hugh grant bragged about being married to each other in interviews and it was also confirmed by the director. Highest Paying URL Shortener 2020 - Some of the reason to choose are Daily Payments, Live Chat Support. 46 Likes. But I do get other companies calling me and their competition is offering alot more money and options and those offers are tempting. Why on Earth do you think the "Sponsor" tier is there? Even if you were a $5 patron, you'd still have to wait a week for the next episode, you're just one week ahead of the YT viewers. You can find their Youtube channel at , am I the only one that wants them to do reacher. My opinion on how blind wave handles patron. Legends of Tomorrow 7x13 - Finale Poll! Vote in our polls and see certain Blind Wave videos early!! Dec 24, 2022. I know there are some people who watch the reaction to refresh what happens in the show so I try to make it as cohesive as I can. I really enjoyed the movie a lot and it was so much fun to watch your reactions, too. Hope the reaction can be fixed and reuploaded! Cameo. Watch "SOS Bros React - Run with the Wind Episode 23" on Streamable. PO Box 304 Marietta, OH 45750. For all those. It's doubling growth was slowing. : With Aaron Elliott, Calvin Grubb, Richard Martin, Eric Whiteley. Eric Rick Calvin and Aaron react to and discuss Season 1 Episode 1 of Batman: The Animated Series - The Cat and the Claw: Part 1 - Episode order for this Reaction Series will match the order available at HBO MAX - #batmantheanimatedseries #batman Watch the Full Length Reaction HERE: -the-animated-series-1x01-full/Enjoy Blind Wave's daily content? There is also the $1 option to vote in polls, but those rarely come up outside of the bi-weekly movie slot. . I don't even care about my old complaint or waiting it was mainly about dragon Ball super Because the early episodes really suck. My problem is how they treat there content and how the seem to be reacting to way to much stuff constantly. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Yes, I understand you said to lessen the amount of series they watch, but it still makes less sense to do it your suggested way, rather than their current. Some Indian ISPs block our video player. There's still plenty of talk of bringing Tony Stark back to the MCU, either as an AI program in Armor Wars or Ironheart or back to life in one of the upcoming Avengers movies due to the machinations of Kang. Featuring exclusive merch from the YouTube channel Blind Wave. This may result in shipping costs from multiple vendors being reflected in your total shipping at checkout. Replacing: The Promised Neverland (TV Episode 2020) on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. Is the company doing good/bad/ugly? Become a Patron and vote in the poll HERE: Blind Wave's daily content? That's honestly the dumbest thing I have ever heard. It's Movie Friday and this week we're watching #F9 You can watch with us over at: Our Patrons have up to four other films, respective to their tier, they can watch with us! I work hard on my edits to try and fit the story into the 10 mins I'm given. Since then, they have moved to a new channel by the same name where they continue their work.[4]. and our It alleviated some of my worries about the possibility of him getting screwed over or of group related turmoil. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, This is a subreddit dedicated to the Youtube channel Blind Wave! Legends of Tomorrow. These guys have gone from being my favourite reaction channel to, well, I don't even know anymore. The rest of the perks are early access, letting you be 1 week, 2 weeks, or 4 weeks ahead. Oct 20, 2022. All they accomplish by cutting out the best bits of their YT reactions, is bringing down the quality of content on their YT channel. After hitting it big with their award winning Lightsaber fight video Ferocity, which currently has over 19 million views, the channel has continued to grow to include Reactions, Reviews, Gaming, and Original Content. not most asian countries thats just if ur sick and u dont wanna spread it not overall normal wear. January 13, 2023. You may need to use a VPN to see this content. From Blind Wave Podcast #113 where the crew talk about Shane taking a break from Blind Wave for a bit. Patreon Show Poll. Im curious; what does Facebook Retail do? I love a good reveal that recontextualizes a lot of the stuff thats already happened in the story, making you see stuff in a new light. A nice human statement from the rest of the guys would've been nice to see. And before you get mad at me when it comes to editing there editing isn't crazy by any stretch of the imagination. Jesus christ. : With Aaron Elliott, Shane Farley, Calvin Grubb, Eric Whiteley. I feel blindwave is certainly the most respectable reaction channel. Liked the movie alot! January 6, 2023. Believe it or not blindwave is a business and of course they would want extra money. A year later, are you still there @eNso35? IT, Go to company page r/Blindwave: This is a subreddit dedicated to the Youtube channel Blind Wave! FANG are the imitators. Does the introduction of Booster Gold affect your opinion about

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