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Easton Jones
Easton Jones

Rosalina S Storybook Pdf Download ^NEW^

Rosalina is a tall woman with fair skin and cyan-colored eyes, with only her left eye visible from a directly frontal view as her particularly large bang of her hair hides her right eye. She has defined peach-colored lips and long platinum-blonde hair that reaches to her waist with two sideburns and two pairs of crescent moon-shaped parting bangs aligned vertically on each side, with the topmost pairs along her forehead, nearly touching her eyes, and the bottommost pairs closest to her neck. For makeup, she uses purple nail polish and brown mascara. While she was young, according to her storybook, her hair was strawberry blonde; Peach had the same hair color due to NES limitations.

Rosalina S Storybook Pdf Download

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