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Hard DIsk Sentinel PRO 4.20 Cracked Serial Key

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 4.20 ED Serial Key: A Review

Hard Disk Sentinel (HDSentinel) is a software that monitors the health and performance of hard disk drives, solid state drives, and hybrid drives. It can detect and report various problems, such as bad sectors, temperature, performance degradation, and imminent failure. It can also perform tests, backups, and repairs on the disks. HDSentinel is available in four editions: Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Extreme.


In this article, we will focus on the Professional edition, which offers more features and functions than the Standard edition. The Professional edition can monitor up to 32 disks, support RAID arrays and external enclosures, display disk status in Windows Explorer, run scheduled and automatic disk tests, generate reports and alerts, and more. The Professional edition requires a license key to activate and use the full version of the software.

One way to obtain a license key for HDSentinel Pro is to purchase it from the official website or from authorized resellers. The price of a single license is $29.95 USD, which includes lifetime updates and support. However, there are also other ways to get a license key for free or at a discounted price. For example, there are occasional giveaways and promotions that offer free or reduced-cost licenses for HDSentinel Pro.

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 4.20 ED Serial Key Giveaway

One of the recent giveaways for HDSentinel Pro was held by, a website that offers free and discounted software products. The giveaway offered a lifetime license for HDSentinel Pro 4.20 ED (Enhanced Data Protection), which is a special version of HDSentinel Pro that has an extra feature called Enhanced Data Protection (EDP). EDP is a technology that can prevent data loss caused by power outages or accidental removal of external drives. The giveaway was valid from August 23 to August 26, 2023.

To get the license key for HDSentinel Pro 4.20 ED from the giveaway, one had to visit the giveaway page and download the zip file that contained the setup file and the activated key file. Then, one had to install the software and load the activated key file from the Help menu. The license key was registered to and did not require any internet connection or activation process. However, the license key did not support any updates to newer versions of HDSentinel Pro.

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 4.20 ED Serial Key Review

After installing and activating HDSentinel Pro 4.20 ED with the serial key from the giveaway, we tested its features and functions on a Windows 10 PC with two internal hard disk drives and one external solid state drive. We found that HDSentinel Pro 4.20 ED worked well and provided accurate and detailed information about the disks' health, performance, temperature, SMART attributes, surface tests, benchmarks, alerts, logs, and more. We also tested the EDP feature by unplugging the external drive while it was in use and found that it prevented any data loss or corruption.

However, we also noticed some drawbacks of using HDSentinel Pro 4.20 ED with the serial key from the giveaway. First of all, the software was outdated compared to the latest version of HDSentinel Pro (6.01.4 as of September 2023), which had more features and improvements. Second, the software did not support any updates or upgrades to newer versions of HDSentinel Pro, which meant that it could miss some bug fixes or compatibility issues with newer operating systems or hardware devices. Third, the software was registered to, which could raise some privacy or security concerns for some users.


In conclusion, HDSentinel Pro 4.20 ED serial key from the giveaway was a good opportunity to try out a powerful and reliable disk monitoring software for free. However, it also had some limitations and disadvantages that could affect its usability and functionality in the long run. Therefore, we recommend that users who want to use HDSentinel Pro regularly should consider purchasing a license key from the official website or from authorized resellers to enjoy the full benefits of the software.

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