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[S3E3] Dead Patrol !!BETTER!!

They make contact with Rita who tells them where she and the other dead team members are. Although they are scared to go to the afterlife and possibly be caught by Death (an actual female being), the living members of the Doom Patrol convince the Dead Boy Detectives to make the dangerous trek.

[S3E3] Dead Patrol

Dorothy: Larry, why did you arrange our dead friends at the dining room table?Larry: Because living them jammed into shipping boxes was weird and morbid. Seriously, Dorothy.Dorothy: And they don't look weird and morbid now?

Dorothy: Okay, you're the medium. What do they do?Crystal: Edwin has an extensive working knowledge of dead creatures that might try to slip into Larry. Charles has a stockpile of weapons, costumes, generally upsetting shit.

Out on patrol the next day McNulty is unfamiliar with Fruit's crew but recognises some faces from Bodie's. They remark on the quietness of the territory. McNulty learns that Ray Cole has died while exercising at the gym.

Meanwhile, in Ohio, Larry (Matt Bomer/Matthew Zuk) receives four packages, each one containing a member of our currently dead quartet. What a way to find out your friends are gone! Oh, and Negative Spirit is still MIA.

In fact, these first three episodes give only glimpses of the villains for the season. We get the briefest of introductions to the enigmatic time-traveling Madame Rouge (Michelle Gomez), but spend more time with the evil duo of Garguax, the alien conqueror that has spent 70 years hiding in a mountain resort, and his faithful assistant, an alien completely covered in red body paint played hilariously by Billy Boyd. Like our patrol, the alien duo is also struggling with their own sense of purpose, and whether their lives have been building up to something or if they've spent decades waiting in vain.

A realm of Undead Patrol is something we will be witnessing. Furthermore, she has motives of her own to have time-traveled her way here to prevent a certain event. She also requires Doom Patrol in the same process. So the coming episode 4 will actually mark the beginning of the bigger plot of Doom Patrol Season 3, a time travel one especially.

In What Puts You On That Ledge, Roman and Burgess are on patrol and called in to investigate a situation at a home. Instead they learned a couple have rented out their room to earn a little more money at a breakfast in bed but one just won't leave. When Roman sees the squatter, he recognizes him as the same man from a previous lawsuit held against his old precinct and reminds him of their last meeting. Afterwards, he tells the couple that they will have their hands full with him. In the next visit, Kim tries to peacefully negotiate with the man but finds her patience tested and gives the man probable cause to file a lawsuit of harassment at their precinct. While at the precinct, they ask Randall McHolland to help them out. With help from Randy, they learned the squatter was only staying at the house because he had previously murdered his wife and was trying to hide her body in the wall. They presumably arrest the man for his crimes and tell the couple that while the house is a crime scene for now they will eventually get it back. Roman is surprised when the wife kisses him on the cheek and thanks him for his help.

During Born Into Bad News, Roman partnered with Kevin who is temporarily demoted back to patrol the paperwork together to save Lindsey and her friend from a pair of crooked cops. Roman is pleased with Kevin is giving back his position in Intelligence.

In What Do You Do, Roman and Kim go on patrol and they talk before Kim notices an odd activity. Roman and Kim get involved in a bad situation with several drug dealers and Roman ends up with his head wound from a pipe. In spite of his wounds he and Kim are able to survive through the whole ordeal when Intelligence bursts in after having been suspicious of why they were gone.

During In A Duffel Bag, Roman and Kim go to the hospital about a supposed dead baby found in a park. They are met by Natalie who inform them that the baby survived. They informed Hank about this and he is pleased to learn that the baby is alive but wants to find out who did it. Later on, he and the Intelligence unit visit the baby after he recovers. Roman and Kim later have drinks with Natalie at the bar, where they realize their affections. The pair end up sleeping together.

In Burden of Truth, Roman returns to Chicago after getting a distress call from Sarah, his sister. He is curious when people send condolences to Kim and soon questions her. Roman is shocked when Kim revealed she got pregnant and lost the baby after saving a girl on the job. Although not a cop, he goes with Burgess to find his sister, only to discover her corpse and learn how long she was dead. He informs his parents, who are at first upset and blame him but stop after noting it wasn't his fault. Much later, Sarah's boyfriend, drug dealer Logan Peters, is later discovered to have been killed. Burgess later confronts Roman when it becomes apparent he is responsible for the latter. Sean later implies his guilt in delivering the eulogy at Sarah's funeral. Afterwards, Roman is ready to be handed into custody but Voight decides to waive the arrest, deeming Roman's survivor's guilt to be punishment enough; Burgess then parts with her former partner on bittersweet terms.

Agent Cooper is transferred through the electrical socket near where Dougie vomited and materializes. Jade believes he is Dougie, but Cooper is not responsive, appearing to be in a sort of trance with no memory. He leaves the house with Jade as a group of men wait to ambush him, believing he is still inside. Cooper unintentionally escapes death after dropping his Great Northern Hotel key on the floor of the car and bending over to pick it up. One of the men, Gene, places a tracker on Dougie's car as a boy watches through his home's window across the street, while his drug-addicted mother repeatedly yells "one-one-nine!" and takes a pill with whiskey. Highway patrolmen approach the doppelganger's crashed car and one of them, Billy, becomes seriously sick after sticking his head in the car. 041b061a72

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