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Introduction: HDFC Bank is one of the leading private sector banks in India, with a wide network of branches catering to the financial needs of customers across the country. One of its prominent branches is the Mumbai-Sandoz House branch, identified by the IFSC code HDFC0000240. This article provides an overview of the branch, including its branch name, contact number, MICR code, and the bank it belongs to.

The Overview of HDFC0000240 IFSC Code

The branch offers a comprehensive range of banking services, including savings accounts, current accounts, loans, credit cards, and more. Customers can also benefit from digital banking solutions such as Internet banking and mobile banking, providing convenient access to their accounts and transactions.

HDFC0000240 IFSC Code Branch Name – Mumbai-Sandoz House

The Mumbai-Sandoz House branch of HDFC Bank is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. As a prominent branch, it serves as a key financial center, offering a comprehensive range of banking services to cater to the diverse needs of customers.

Address And Location

The Mumbai-Sandoz House branch is conveniently located at Sandoz House, Dr. A.B. Road, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400 018. Being situated in the financial hub of Mumbai, this branch caters to the banking needs of individuals, businesses, and corporations.

HDFC0000240 IFSC Code Bank Name – HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank is a trusted and well-established private sector bank in India. Known for its customer-centric approach, HDFC Bank offers a wide array of financial products and services, including savings accounts, loans, credit cards, and more.

Contact Number – +919890603333

Customers can easily reach the Mumbai-Sandoz House branch by dialing the provided contact number. The dedicated customer service team at HDFC Bank is available to assist customers with their banking queries, account-related services, and other concerns.

MICR Code – 400240002

The MICR Code associated with the Mumbai-Sandoz House branch is 400240002. MICR codes play a crucial role in the electronic processing of cheques, ensuring secure and accurate transaction processing for customers.

How to Use Pricemint IFSC Code Search

Go to Pricemint IFSC Code Branch Details Section and Simply Enter your IFSC code to Know the Branch Details of any Bank in India Find IFSC, MICR Codes, Addresses, and All Bank Branches in India, for NEFT, RTGS, and ECS Transactions.

Pricemint is a useful platform that provides a user-friendly IFSC code search feature, allowing individuals to find branch details of any bank in India. Whether you need to initiate NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer), RTGS (Real-Time Gross Settlement), or ECS (Electronic Clearing Service) transactions, Pricemint’s IFSC code search can help you access the necessary information.

To use the Pricemint IFSC code search, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Pricemint website or access their mobile application.

  2. Simply tap here to go to IFSC Code Search OR Look for the IFSC code search feature, usually located prominently on the homepage or in the navigation menu.

  3. Enter the IFSC code you have for the specific bank branch you are interested in. IFSC codes are unique alphanumeric codes assigned to each bank branch in India.

  4. Click on the “Search” or “Find” button to initiate the search.

Pricemint will then provide you with the branch details associated with the IFSC code you entered. This includes the branch name, address, MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) code, and other relevant information.

With this information at your fingertips, you can proceed with your desired transaction, such as initiating a fund transfer or verifying the details of a recipient’s bank branch. The accuracy and availability of the information provided by Pricemint will help ensure that your transactions are executed smoothly and efficiently.


The Mumbai-Sandoz House branch of HDFC Bank, with the IFSC code HDFC0000240, is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable banking services to customers in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

With its branch name, contact number, MICR code, and affiliation with HDFC Bank, this branch ensures a seamless banking experience for individuals and businesses in the region.

Customers can rely on HDFC Bank’s expertise and commitment to exceptional service as they avail themselves of a wide range of financial products and solutions to meet their banking needs.

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