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Easton Jones
Easton Jones

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What I'd really like is to find a full 64-bit, stand-alone, perpetual license version of CS6 Extended Edition for Mac. I'd go ahead and buy a Power Mac from one of our local suppliers even if I'd have to give up the 32 inch display.

Eve of Souls: Static Pod full crack [License]


This shiny new 2021 Macbook Pro 14" is lovely, but the RAM and SSD are all in the same die/package as the CPU, so unless it turns out Apple did an IBM trick and there's a firmware midlife kicker available, it's not upgradable. (IBM often ship mainframes fully populated but only switch on RAM, CPU, etc when you pay them the license fee. Which sounds very tacky but means if you suddenly find a pressing need to add 32 processor cores to your zSeries iron you can wave a credit card at IBM and suddenly you have lots of extra performance.)

The thin, brown-skinned man with a neatly cropped beard and deeply lined forehead slips into the seat next to her. "It was not part of my heritage," he explains carefully, "although the situation is not unfamiliar." A momentary smile threatens to crack his stony face. "I found the casting a trifle disturbing."

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