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It gets pretty wild inside the Briar Street Theater when these three blue men are at play, so much so that the first few rows come equipped with ponchos and plastic coverings, so audience members can shield themselves from food, paint, and whatever other substances may fly off the stage.

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The award-winning show is performed by three bald men who are all covered in greasy blue paint. They do not speak during the show, but find many other ways to express themselves and interact with the audience. There is a lot of percussion-based music and other sounds specifically designed to engage the crowd and pump up excitement levels.

Attending a Blue Man Group show can also save you money in CityWalk and give you special perks. For example, if you show your Blue Man Group ticket stub, you can sometimes get free admission to certain CityWalk venues like The Groove and CityWalk Rising Star. Show tickets can also get you priority seating at many different CityWalk restaurants, and occasionally, a 10 percent discounts on meals. Read more about Blue Man Group's special offers.

Limit one free ticket for each adult ticket purchased. Tickets are available by calling METROTIX at 314-534-1111 or at the Fox Box Office (hours may vary). Offer is not available through online purchases.

Blue Man Group is an American performance art company formed in 1987. It was purchased in July 2017 by the Canadian company Cirque du Soleil.[1][2][3] On June 29, 2020, Cirque du Soleil filed for bankruptcy in Canada. Three days later, on July 1, 2020, they filed for Chapter 15 bankruptcy.[4][5] Blue Man Group is known for its stage productions, which incorporate many kinds of music and art, both popular and obscure.[6] Its performers, known as Blue Men, have their skin painted blue. They are mute during shows and always appear in groups of three.

In 1999, the group released Audio, their first studio recording. Although it contained some of the music from their stage productions, it was chiefly a collection of full-length instrumentals featuring new instruments.

In 2002, the group participated in Moby's Area2 tour, giving a more rock-oriented performance than in the theatrical shows. Songs developed during this tour appeared on 2003's album The Complex.

On April 27, 2019, Blue Man group gave a special performance at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, during the Grand Opening Session of DECA's International Career Development Conference. [25]

Blue Man Group New York will sweeten up February with the launch of a special ticket package offering two tickets for $99. The ticket offer applies to performances at New York City's Astor Place Theatre (434 Lafayette Street) from February 10 through April 3, 2022 and is available for purchase now through February 28 by visiting Man Group originally debuted in 1991 at Astor Place Theatre. A dynamic combination of art, music, comedy and technology, Blue Man Group encourages audiences to reconnect with their inner (and outer) child in order to see the world through a new perspective. Three bald and blue men explore today's cultural norms with wonder, poking fun at the audience's collective quirks and reminding them how much they all have in common. The show is continually refreshed with new music, stories, custom instruments and state-of-the-art technology.The Blue Man Group New York performances offering the "two for $99" ticket offer include:FebruaryFriday, February 11 at 8 p.m.Saturday, February 12 at 2 and 8 p.m.

The simplest way to get the best discount offers and the cheapest Blue Man Group tickets is to buy them from our Blue Man Group Tickets Page where you get to choose your own seats. Feel free to compare prices, we pride ourselves in offering some of the best deals for Blue Man Group Las Vegas tickets.

The busy set is made up of dozens of computer screens, showing various objects and patterns in a high-tech cacophony, reminiscent of Max Headroom of the mid-1980s. A drummer and guitarist (not in blue-face) were off to the side. Audience members in the first three rows were provided with plastic rain ponchos, a portent of the mess to come.

As if they landed on earth from another planet (we're not betting against it), the Blue Men don't speak, yet are infinitely curious about the human race and our world. They delve wholeheartedly into exploring technology and our uniquely human eccentricities through a glorious mash-up of dance, music and performance. The show is constantly changing, so describing exactly what to expect is tricky - in the past, one of the group's signature set-pieces for this Boston production has been a drumming sequence involving gallons of luminous paint. Also expect plenty of audience participation!

Over a half million marshmallows have been thrown around the Astor Place Theatre since Blue Man Group took up residence there 30 years ago. Over 43,000 Twinkies have been shared with audience members. And no one could count the buckets of paint spilled by the group, celebrating its 30th anniversary performance November 17 at its original Lower East Side home.

The Blue Man group are an undoubted cultural phenomenon. After landing on earth in 1991 (we're kidding - the group was actually formed by school friends Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton), the blue-painted troupe became an instant smash hit on Broadway and made the move to Chicago's Briar Street Theater a mere six years later.

Expect the unexpected! Aside from the blue face paint and black jumpers, every Blue Man Group show is different. Music always plays a huge part of the show, particularly percussive, and in the past performances have a included spectacular rock number in which the Blue Men thunder out a drumming masterclass as bright paint squirts from their chest, creating a rainbow of both sight and sound! They also constantly evolve their live shows to explore the themes of the day, delving into everything from DNA to our reliance on technology with boggled-eyed gusto. Be warned though - the first couple of rows are a splash zone!!

The Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) has partnered with Mass Cultural Council to offer free or discounted admissions to many of the Commonwealth's museums and cultural institutions through the EBT Card to Culture Program.

In the kindergarten, children build a triangle building with blocks, while an art specialist asks another group of children if they want to draw characters out of a particular book, or create their own stories. "I want to make up my own story," they all shout.

Stanton says Blue Man Group came together to celebrate curiosity and creativity. They wanted to combine art and comedy, music, science and technology. At the time, they could just as easily have created a school, he says. And even the character of the blue man "is really like an adult child in his innocence," Stanton says. "He looks at objects that are common to us and uses them in a different way, but a creative way."

Ian Kerner happened upon the play group the founders began for their kids, before there ever was a school. A therapist and author, he loved the spontaneity and energy of the group. His son, Owen, was in a well-respected private nursery school that Kerner describes as "tried and true." He describes Blue School as "true and new," which he finds very attractive.

Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more. If you are interested in bringing a group to an upcoming event, please click the "Get Group Tickets" button below to fill out our interest form and a Group Sales Executive will contact you within 48 hours. If you would like to speak with an executive directly, please call 313-471-3099. For more group sales information and FAQs, please visit

While known first as a theatrical troupe, Blue Man Group has plenty of music cred. It has collaborated with Dave Matthews and Tiësto. It has released two studio albums, the Grammy-nominated Audio in 1999 and The Complex in 2003. It performed with Moby and Jill Scott at the 2006 Grammys. And in April, the group will release its third studio album, Three, through Rhino Records. Its 14 instrumental tracks were recorded at Loho Studios with the assistance of Blue Man Group music director Chris Dyas and creative director/music supervisor Jeff Turlik.

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